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What is the role of a project coordinator What is the role of a project coordinator From skilled trades and labourers to engineers and management positions, the construction site has many positions. Keeping this diverse team working together falls to the Project Coordinator. Read more
bringing-an-old-school-back-to-life Bringing an old school back to life – École Confédération At Abcott Construction we are about more than building; it is all about enhancing the lives of those who utilize our services. Read more
Universal-Washroom New Universal Washroom Standards Since 1975, the Ontario Building Code has been used to set the minimum standard for construction in Ontario.. Read more
Benefits of the Design-Build Strategy The Benefits of the Design-Build Strategy A more efficient construction site is what every good contractor strives to provide their clients. At Abcott.. Read more
MR-24 Roof System MR-24 Roof System Harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, hail, and wind can take their toll on any roof. With the industry’s first standing-seam metal roof system that has over forty years of proven weather-tight performance, Butler’s MR-24 roof system... Read more
Refresh and Re-Image Refresh and Re-Image Over time, design trends shift. A building that was built, repurposed or renovated 20 years ago by now has lost a lot of the visual appeal it used to have. A common solution to this problem is re-imaging! This is a term we use generally to describe... Read more
Butler Buildings - A Basic Rundown Butler Buildings - A Basic Rundown You may have heard the term "Butler Building" before, but you weren't quite sure what it meant. Maybe you do know what Butler Buildings are, but aren't fully aware of how this type of construction could work for you. Let's walk through a few key points... Read more
Unwavering Commitment to Quality One Tank of Gas, Twelve Visits to Job Sites, Twenty-One Phone Calls, a Cup of Coffee, and an Unwavering Commitment to Quality "I was fortunate to be invited to experience a day in the life of Darryl Lawrie, Co-Owner and Construction Manager of Abcott Construction."

Brian Howard
Account Coordinator, TDG Marketing

From the moment Darryl gets up in the morning..
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