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An Unwavering Committment To Quality

I was fortunate to be invited to experience a day in the life of Darryl Lawrie, Co-Owner and Construction Manager of Abcott Construction.
Brian Howard
Account Coordinator, TDG Marketing

From the moment Darryl gets up in the morning (I wasn't with him at this point, but believe this to be true) his mind is set to work as he checks the weather to see if it is a good day for pouring concrete. He reviews the work orders and initiates calls to check on the progress of Abcott's current projects. If his guys are having any problems, Darryl will answer them.

At any given time, Abcott has about 15 to 20 projects - of which 6 to 10 are considered to be major - and it is Darryl's responsibility to oversee them all. He visits each site at least weekly, and is in constant contact with the supervisors and workers of each site to ensure that every job is getting done right.

Ride along photograph of Darryl of Abcott

Even while he is driving from site to site, Darryl is still hard at work. He is constantly on the phone (hands-free of course) with sub-contractors, the office, the site supervisors, and the customer. Darryl also makes sure to check in with his project coordinators to keep track of project status and to make sure the sub-trade workers are getting their jobs done so the build can move onto the next phase.

A large structure Abcott is constructingWhat will soon be the new front-end of Acura on Brant.

Aside from knowing where his employees are, he also knows where all of the projects are. In his visits to the job sites, Darryl speaks with the site supervisors about what their action steps are and provides directions and solutions. Every build has its own unique challenges that arise, and Darryl is there to ensure that his team is solving problems before they happen. Paying close attention to detail is a strength for Darryl as well as Abcott.

Abcott employee discussing job progressionDarryl speaks to Tim (Site Supervisor) about the progress of the re-imaging project being done for Acura on Brant.

With a significant number of years in the business, Darryl has developed a strong understanding of the industry. He knows now when he takes on a project almost exactly what to plan for in the future. It is clear after having spent some time watching Darryl as he communicates with his team that he is a natural leader. This is demonstrated through his ability to employ strong motivational management techniques.

Make no mistake, Darryl is on the site to nitpick. He keeps track of every job because any problems that occur on-site are directly his problems. If panels are going in and there needs to be insulation, Darryl spots it. If a gap between a beam and the surface above is too big, Darryl provides a solution to prevent any future issues that the problem may cause.

Photograph of partially demolished buildingThe demolition of this site is scheduled to take place soon with a brand new building going up to follow. This will be a modern 20,000 sq. ft Butler Building.

"In the end, every problem has a solution, it's just a matter of figuring it out", Darryl said to me over our morning coffee. It is clear to me that Darryl fully believes in the values of teamwork and the importance of providing excellent final products to his customers that will exceed their expectations. This mentality is strongly reflected by Darryl and his team, and is weaved into the very fabric of Abcott Construction.


An Unwavering Committment To Quality

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