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The Benefits of the Design-Build Strategy

A more efficient construction site is what every good contractor strives to provide their clients. At Abcott Construction we utilize the Design Build strategy to achieve excellent end results for our customers.

Over the years, the Design Build strategy has become more prevalent in the construction industry. This evolving strategy speeds up the entire planning process, saving both time and money for the customer. Instead of the traditional way of approaching a project—which would include a contractor, design team, and the client—a Design Build project includes only two parties: the contractor and the client.

At Abcott Construction we are a Design Build contractor with a highly developed project team, specializing in both design and construction, allowing for easier communication between two parties. From the moment the project starts the client knows the price and timeline of the project. We are able to begin working on the project early because the detail drawing phase can coincide with the construction phase. The result is a streamlined process, where the client actively remains involved throughout the entire process, helping to cut down on errors.

The Design Build strategy is used on many of our projects. The final project is a high quality building for a fraction of the time, cost and frustration that a traditional construction project may take.

Want more information on the Design Build strategy? Contact us today at 519.756.4350 to learn more about how we can make your next construction process a breeze.

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