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Refresh and Re-Image

Over time, design trends shift. A building that was built, repurposed or renovated 20 years ago by now has lost a lot of the visual appeal it used to have. A common solution to this problem is re-imaging! This is a term we use generally to describe exterior building renovations (though sometimes there is some interior work to be done). This type of renovation is often done on buildings simply to create a buzz, change the tone of the business and create a more modern image.

Re-imaging is especially common within the retail, food, and service industries - although it is certainly not limited to these. These industries tend to have a lot of competition between businesses, and one way of ensuring the business stays ahead is to look more modern. Re-imaging is a way of keeping people looking at your establishment instead of your competitor's.

There are many reasons other than competitive markets that exterior renovations are so common, for instance the shift in technology and design. Abcott Construction has renovated car dealerships that simply needed modernizing to better reflect their new product lines. Restaurant chains often re-image their locations to fit a new mood that they want to achieve. They might decide to go from being "fun" to being "exotic" or any other mood they wish to create.

The options for re-imaging are quite extensive. You would be surprised at how much can change so quickly and so efficiently. At Abcott Construction, we specialize in the Design Build Strategy - a strategy that allows us to blend the design, approval and construction phases to make the whole project flow seamlessly.

The reasons for updating the look of a building are nearly endless. Whether a building needs to be refreshed, keep up with modern trends or portray a different tone, there are many reasons to re-image. If the building no longer reflects the business, it's time for an update!

Refresh and Re-Image

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