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Top Reasons for Using a Butler MR-24 Roof

Butler’s MR-24 is a durable standing-seam metal roof system. The first of its kind in the industry, the MR-24 roof has over 40 years of proven performance. At Abcott Construction we know the many benefits of this weathertight roofing and proudly use it in many of our projects.

Superior Protection
The MR-24 roof acts like a monolithic steel surface covering your entire building. An exclusive 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seal - with the final 180 degrees field rolled - provides enhanced performance and unmatched protection.

Adaptive and Accurate
Specifically designed with moveable clips the Butler MR-24 is designed to accommodate roof movement under changing temperatures. Factory-punched panels and structural membranes assure proper alignment and make installation easy, ensuring accuracy every time.

Cost Effective and Efficient
The MR-24 roof system is a material-efficient option that offers a number of sustainability enhancing benefits. It’s available in several cooler toned colours, creating energy savings for years to come. Your MR-24 roof can save you up to 90% on regular roof maintenance costs.

For proven weathertight performance the Butler MR-24 roof system is Abcott Construction’s top choice for commercial and industrial building applications…Because at Abcott Construction, our focus is on Building for Your Success.

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