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Over the past two decades, the Design Build process has become more and more predominant within the construction industry. In its simplest form, the Design Build strategy is essentially a method of design and construction of a project. But one that has had drastic implications both for contractors and their clients.

Traditional construction methods can often be time-consuming and confusing, and communication taking place between three separate entities – the Contractor, the Design Team, and the Client. This can cause project delays, with valuable time wasted.

To simplify this process, the Design Build method involves only a Client and a Contractor. A Design Build contractor consists of a highly developed project team that specializes in both design and construction. With communication between only two parties, the process becomes quicker, there are minimal errors, and a single point of responsibility is established.

The Design Build strategy is beneficial to the client, as it helps to establish cost early on in the project, eliminates the need to bid for a construction contractor, and allows construction to begin in conjunction with the detail drawing stage. Your construction project is then completed quicker, easier, with little room for error.

Why should you utilize the Design Build method?

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